For many businesses with Low ad budget, the Social Media Networking
is their sole means of Marketing."
    - New York Times (23 July 2009)

The reason why Social media networking is a huge success is because of its Friend-Of-A-Friend (FOAF) trust model similar to word of mouth (WOM). Studies reveal that, while 14% People Trust Ads, 76% of People trust consumer recommendations for purchase decisions. The FOAF model enables users to interact with network users to whom they are not otherwise directly connected. Users can establish different rules of engagement for different types of connections in their network; the closer the connection to a user in terms of degrees of separation, the more trusted that user is. This is the key difference between Social networking and traditional SEO or PPC strategies. Users maintain direct connections to their friends, but they also have some level of access to the direct connections their friends maintain to other people.

Public social networking services such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Friendster can be valuable sales, marketing and support tools if you know how to effectively apply them for your business.


How does it help?

      Diffuses Positive Word-Of-Mouth
      Greatest Viral Marketing of all time
      Acts as Advertising and Promotions agent
      Creates the most effective Lead Generation system
      Increases Exposure/ Visibility and Traffic to website
      Deeper audience penetration and New Audience reach
      Defends Reputation and encourages positive conversations
      Creates awareness, enhances website traffic and footfall to stores
      Builds Interactive Customer Service channel for your existing customers
      Substitutes Conventional Online Advertising and Saves Marketing Investment
The Advent of a new Social Approach that works like Magic!
Setup Profiles on Social Networks for your Business
Integrate networks to manage them centrally
Automate updates to post fresh relevant content
Promote business by spreading the Word to your peers
How it Works and what happens after I Sign up? (Our Social Media Road Map)

Step 1. Soon after you Sign up, you will be directed to our simple questionnaire created to understand your business needs.

Step 2. Within the next 24hours, our Search Engine Analysis team will be analyzing your website on various Search Engine and               Social Media factors. We will send you a comprehensive report for your website with recommendations.

Step 3. Our next step is to analyze the filled out need analysis questionnaire and initiate your campaign setup process.

Step 4. We will be enhancing your Social Media visibility by creating your branded profiles on 13+ Social Networks including

  • Twitter (2 profiles)
  • Facebook (Custom Fan Page)
  • LinkedIn (Profile)
  • + 10 profiles on populated social networks. (MySpace, Plaxo, Hi5, Plurk, Vox, FriendFeed, Youare, Tagged, & BrightKite)

     Our approach to social networking is based on FOAF (Friend Of A Friend) structure, using this approach, your profiles act       as third party endorsers for your product and promote your business to other peers using API technology.

Step 5. The key to social media success is not having a bunch of networks but managing them diligently. We will now integrate            all your social networks centrally so that you can update posts to all of them from a single message window. Access to              this page will be sent by mail within 7 days after sign up.

Step 6. Once your networks are integrated, we will automate them by connecting relevant RSS feeds and automation
             scripts.This will always keep your social profiles fresh and content rich by feeding your industry related news and updates
             to your friends/groups. In addition every posted RSS feed will be prepended with your website URL. This improves
             the chances to click the link (CTR) and visit your website.

Step 7. The final missing piece is Promotions. We have a 3 dimensional Promotional approach at KloudSocial

  1. Automated Promotions
  2. Web Promotions
  3. Social Platform
  1. Automated Promotions are carried using API Scripts, 15 promotional slogans/ taglines are automatically posted at random intervals to your entire network to promote your business around the clock even when the other world is sleeping.

  2. We perform limited number of Web Promotions everyday by posting comments on blogs and participating in forums and discussion groups. This will improve your chances to rank on Search Engines and generate SE Traffic.

  3. We also promote your business on our very own Social Platform with 40+ Twitter and FB profiles that personally own and Manage.

Step 8. Finally, you will receive weekly reports with log in details and link to access your online weekly report. Your online report
            will be updated with campaign status and website traffic overview every week.

Step 9. You can use the message box embedded in the online report to communicate any thing back to us or simply write us

Our Guarantee:
1. Guaranteed Social Media Visibility
2. Create enormous generated content for your website & improves search visibility
3. Global Brand Exposure.
4. Increased traffic from the first day we setup your campaign
5. 500 targeted visits every month or 20-30% improvement in referral traffic.

Why Should I Act now?
1. Kloud Social Drives Results Faster Than Any Traditional SEO Process
2. Kloud Social Is A Low Cost Alternative To PPC.
3. It's Viral and Spreads Faster, Generating Enormous Prospects.
4. Kloud Social Boosts Up Your Website Conversions and Sales.
5. Complete turnkey traffic system with Flat fee and not hidden costs.

Smart businesses catch up the pace and upgrade while other wait for the miracles to happen.

Upgrade to Social Media before your competition does.



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